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Outback Shades Starts Offering Lifetime Guarantee On Their Just Launched Car Sun Shade.

Posted on: September 3rd, 2015 by admin No Comments

Outback Shades has just introduced a lifetime guarantee for their recently released Amazon product Car Sun Shade. The manufacturer claims that this new product is capable of reducing the ambient temperature inside a vehicle by fifty percent.

All unsatisfied Amazon buyers of Outback Shades Car Sun Shade can now claim their money back in full. The manufacturer has just decided to start offering a lifetime guarantee to all buyers of this recently launched car sun shade. Outback Shades is an Australia-based start-up committed to delivering useful automobile accessories. The company is confident about making a positive impact on Amazon.com with their maiden product. It has been claimed by the company that this car sun shade can keep cars cooler by 50%.
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The extreme heat of the summer is a serious concern for people that commute frequently by their cars. It is not a known fact to many that direct sun exposure for one hour can elevate the temperature inside a car to 70 degrees centigrade. Some recent studies conducted in harsh Australian summer climate indicate that using a shade with a specific design can be extremely helpful in these climatic conditions. The design of the Windshield Sun Shade from Outback Shades was inspired heavily by this design.

Custom car sun shade

Comes with free pouch for compact storage and protection

The car shades from Outback Shades have a large size, and can be used for all types of cars, SUVs, and trucks with good effect. Unlike accordion style shades available on the market, this product can be stored conveniently after folding. The company mentions that the product has been made from Polyamide Nylon, a material offering multiple benefits for users. This material is stronger and more weather resistant. It can also offer up to 99% UV resistance.

Talking about the need for a lifetime guarantee on this product, a senior official from Outback Shades said, “We know how good our product is, and there is no doubt that this guarantee would be required in the rarest of cases. However, this guarantee would make our customers more confident about their purchase. It seems to be a really important aspect of our %PR_LINK2% looking at feedback on our social media pages.”

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