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Outback Shades Launches New Facebook Fan Page To Promote Their Car Sun Shade.

Posted on: September 10th, 2015 by admin No Comments

Australia-based automobile accessory manufacturer Outback Shades has just launched their new Facebook fan page. This social media platform will be utilized by the company to promote their recently released Amazon product.

Outback Shades is pleased to announce that the company’s new Facebook fan page is now up and running. An automobile accessory start-up, Outback Shades has recently launched their maiden product, a Car Sunshade on Amazon.com.

With the help of their Facebook fan page, the company is looking to ensure effective promotion and better engagement with their customers concerning their recently launched product. This car accessory has been designed by Outback Shades to protect travellers and their car’s interior from the scorching summer heat. The product is presently available in Amazon.com for a discounted price of $14.80.

Traveling in cars during the summer can be a painful experience. Recent studies have indicated that the interior temperature of a car can touch fifty-five degrees centigrade in minutes. In order to stay safe from summer heat, people often use towels and gloves while traveling in a car during summer. Outback Shades claims that their new auto shades will provide a simple yet efficient solution to this problem by reducing the car’s interior temperature by up to 50%. These shades have been manufactured from reflective Metallic Polyamide Nylon, a 99% UV resistant material. The size of the shades makes them compatible with all types of cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Windshield shade

Car Sun shade

Over the years, Facebook has grown in stature as an efficient online business promotion tool. Regardless of size and nature, almost all businesses now rely heavily on this social media platform to stay connected with their past and prospective clients. Efficient branding, customer engagement, promotion, and customer support are some of the major benefits of having a Facebook fan page.

Talking about the company’s Facebook promotion plan, a senior official from Outback Shades said, “We hope our Facebook fan page will help us reach out to a much larger pool of people that need this type of a product. The ultimate objective is to build a community of people around our car sun shade.”

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