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Car Sunshades promo goes to Twitter.

Posted on: September 15th, 2015 by admin No Comments

Outback Shades announces plans to introduce a discount promotion on their maiden product, a Car Sunshade. Starting from 15/09/2015, all Twitter followers of Outback Shades (http://t.co/r05qncmEQN) will be entitled to receive a 50% discount on the company’s recently launched car sunshade.

Twitter used to promote car sunshade

Outback shades hits twitter

Official sources have revealed that all relevant details relating to this promotional campaign will be posted via different social media channels of the company. Outback Shades is dedicated to making people’s lives easier by delivering useful automobile accessories. Their inaugural product is a simple accessory that helps car travellers stay safe from the summer heat.

Extreme heat during the summer makes it extremely difficult for people to travel by car. In the worst possible scenario, the ambient temperature inside a car can shoot up to an alarming seventy degrees centigrade within just one hour. Exposure to such high temperature is not only harmful to the human body, but also for the high-end electronic accessories found in the modern-day vehicles. The car sunshades designed by Outback Shades are manufactured from reflective Metallic Polyamide Nylon. This quality material is capable of resisting almost 99% of ultraviolet radiations from entering the car’s interior. Outback Shades claims that these sun protectors can reduce the car’s interior temperature by 50%. With a size of 150cm (60″ base) x 70cm (28″ height), the product can be used for cars, SUVs, and trucks.

Outback Shades has always been extremely focused on building a robust social media presence for their brand and product. Within their short lifespan, the company has already built their Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages. Outback Shades intends to use these platforms to share news and updates, offering special discounts, and providing better customer service.
Talking about their upcoming half-price discount promotion via Twitter, a senior Outback Shades official said, “We have plans to extensively use our social media platforms to offer discounts. This promotion will offer a 50% discount on to all our Twitter followers. All terms and conditions will be communicated very soon.”

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